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Community Governance EBook Edition

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Now available in this EBook version - ever wanted to know the WHY, WHO, WHAT and HOW of governance and management of a healthy Christian organisation? Community Governance is a framework that brings together the key components that build a healthy Christian Church or organisation.

Have you ever come across terms like vision, mission, strategic planning, policy governance, core values, core purpose, accountability, management and governance and wondered not just what they are but how they fit together?

If you are involved as a leader in a Nonprofit this book is for you. The Resolve Consulting Group Community Governance framework puts together the pieces of the healthy Christian organisational governance puzzle in an easy to use visual framework that is designed for your church, mission, or ministry.

Paul Campey and David Bartlett have decades of combined experience in the governance and management of Nonprofits in Australia and internationally. They have responded to the call for a practical, hands on guide for Board members, management and leaders of Nonprofits and provided a framework that describes the key characteristics of a healthy Christian organisation. The Community Governance framework is not a model of governance, rather it is a teaching tool that focuses on the key ingredient for effective, healthy Nonprofit organisations - relationships!

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