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School Growth – Embedding your message

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

You have developed a good elevator pitch but now you need to embed it in the minds of all your ambassadors.

Your elevator pitch is a short summary of a bigger story. Ensuring that all the stories that feed into your elevator pitch are easily accessible will embed the pitch in the mind of parents searching for schools. It will also ensure more conversations happens about your school’s story.

Your school’s website is an excellent place to embed these stories. A recent survey by Independent Schools Queensland reconfirmed that word of mouth is still by far the biggest source of information for parents. By using stories on your school’s website you create positive word of mouth marketing for your school – parents’, students’ and teachers’ stories embed your elevator pitch in the minds of prospective parents.

The web is a tool to tell the story of your school so that it can be shared through word of mouth.

Include at least a few of the following on your website:

  1. Alumni stories

  2. Student stories

  3. Stories about your academic programme

  4. Stories about your co-curricular programme

  5. Stories about your teachers

  6. Link to an active Facebook page

  7. Regularly updated blog

If you have a Facebook page or blog it is imperative that you keep it updated regularly. Prospective parents will most likely reach your website after hearing about the school through word of mouth. You want to ensure that your website’s message is consistent with the positive messages they have heard. The only way to do this is to ensure that your blog and Facebook posts are kept up to date regularly. Nothing screams ‘decline or loss of interest’ louder than an outdated Facebook page or blog. It is better not to have it at all.

When posting on Facebook there are a few types of posts that work better than others:

  1. Pictures with captions and stories do the best

  2. Regular, updated blogs

  3. Video vignettes

  4. Posts that ask for likes

  5. Posts that ask questions

Recently Baylor School’s Website in the US won an AVA Digital Award. Take a look at the school’s website and its Facebook page for some inspiration:

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