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Top 20 leadership tips

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

From Ron Edmonston – Graced Again – Top 20 leadership tips:

  1. Build people – People are your greatest asset as a leader.

  2. Grow personally – You can’t take people where you aren’t going.

  3. Direction matters – You’ll likely end up where you pointed yourself.

  4. Surrender methodology – Care more about accomplishing a worthy vision than how you do.

  5. Empower people – Give people real responsibility and real authority.

  6. Keep learning – When you stop learning…you stop.

  7. Renew your passion often – Keep reminding yourself why you do what you do.

  8. Learn to rest – So you can always do your best.

  9. Value the word “No” – You can only do what you can do. Trying to do more lowers efficiency.

  10. Prioritize each day – Make every moment count.

  11. Let failure build you – It’s the best way to gain experience.

  12. Be honest with yourself and others – What you hide will often trip you fastest.

  13. Know your weaknesses – Everyone else already does.

  14. Listen more than you speak – You’ll learn more and make others feel valued.

  15. Serving others brings joy – Giving back is the greatest vehicle to fulfillment in life.

  16. Humility is attractive – People love realness and want to be around people who are.

  17. Be intentional – Nothing really great happens without it.

  18. Reject apathy – You’ll be tempted to settle for mediocrity. Don’t do it.

  19. Protect character – More than you try to protect your reputation. Do this one and you’ll gain the other.

  20. Applaud others – Louder than you “toot your own horn”.

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