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School Finance Equipper

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This course is delivered in three sessions of two hours each via Zoom webinar with a small class size (up to 15). The webinar format encourages active participation and opportunities for questions during the training.

For NSW Responsible Persons completion of this course provides 6 hours of NESA Accredited training

Outcomes for Participants

Responsible Persons (Business Managers, Principals and Board Treasurers) will get an understanding on:

    1. The financial viability of Schools and learn what the key School business drivers and key performance indicators are and how to monitor them through best practice compliance and performance reporting.
    2. Understanding of delegated responsibilities for the business roles in the School and how the relationships of the Business Manager interact with the Principal and Board in a healthy School
    3. Understanding of how government funding works, and general responsibilities to State and Federal government
    4. Discussion around what are compliant/non-compliant payments, particularly with respect to s83C of the NSW NESA regulations
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